Friday, 16 January 2009

Getting Feedburner to Update Immediately

Following on from the last article, which talked about getting iTunes to update from your RSS feed straight away, here is a useful tip to get Feedburner to ping (i.e. read) your feed immediately.

Hopefully, if you are using an RSS feed from your blog or podcast hosting service, you will be using Feedburner to actually 'burn' your raw RSS feed and publish your Feedburner feed address to your podcast subscribers.

There are a whole host of good reasons why you might want to do this, but the best reason I have seen is for flexibility.

At some stage, you may well want to move the hosting of your podcast. If you have been publishing the RSS feed provided by your hosting provider, and you want to move your podcast, you have to (try to) get all of your subscribers to move to your new feed. That is no small feat, and is bound to lose you a few listeners in the move.

However, if your listeners are all subscribed to your Feedburner feed, then you can simply update your Feedburner settings to point at the new hosting space, and your subscribers never even know that you have moved your hosting provider!

But, when you use Feedburner, you rely on it to 'ping' your raw RSS feed (from your hosting provider or blog) on a regular basis.

If you have just published a new episode, and want it to appear immediately on your Feedburner feed, you need to tell Feedburner to look at your feed immediately. Generally, without a ping, Feedburner will take a look at your feed every hour or so.

So if you want Feedburner to ping your feed, go to :

You will see a page like this :

All you need to do, is to enter your Feedburner feed address, and hit the 'Ping FeedBurner' button. As an example, my podcast feed address is :

So, I just enter that URL in to the box provided and hit the button. If the ping is successful, you will get a nice friendly message that everything went OK. There is a limit on how often you can do this, so you may have to wait a while before you can ping again, so only do it when you are ready for your feed to be pinged.

I guess the other burning question you may have (following on from the last article) is : "Which do I ping first, Feedburner or iTunes?". The answer is : Feedburner.

Ping Feedburner first, so that is has read your raw RSS feed (from your blog or hosting provider), then ping iTunes, which will look at your newly updated Feedburner feed.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Hey I have a question. On iTunes my podcast, "Stay Tuned Triathlon Report" has the author as "Unknown." How can I change that to "TriBoomer"?

  2. Brian, looking at your feed, in the 'tunes:owner' section of your feed, you have the 'itunes:email' set you 'ranger1983', but the 'itunes:name' is left blank. Open your feed '' in a web browser, and you'll see what I mean. I suspect it is a setting on your hosting configuration (which you can probably set yourself).

    Let me knwo how it goes...