Thursday, 19 November 2009

You got email? You CAN podcast!

Hello everyone again. I'm sorry it's been a while since I managed to put out a 'tip', but I'm pretty thinly spread these days.

But, I am on a quest to get more of you good people out there to start your own running podcasts. I know there are plenty of you out there who are itching to have a go, but are a little daunted by the technical challenges.

Well....have I got a treat for you!!

There is a superb resource called Posterous that is the answer to your prayers! The barriers to producing your own podcast have truly been blown away.

Posterous allows you to record some audio on your phone, laptop, voice recorder (whatever you want to use) and then simply email it in to your very own blog page. A blog entry is created from your email, the audio gets attached to your blog entry, and kapow! you have your very own podcast!

It's that simple! You record your episode, email the audio file and you're done.

When I first came across the service, I thought : "No, it can't be that simple can it?". So, I created an account and recorded a short audio segment and emailed it in. You can hear the result at :

The subject of the email you send in forms the title of each post you submit. The show notes are the body of the email message you send in, and the email attachment is the audio of your podcast.

From a simple email, you get a professional looking blog site, with an embedded player so that visitors can listen to the show.

Your blog (podcast) even has its own RSS feed, which you could submit to iTunes (or so that folks can find your show and subscribe to it.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go! You don't have to tell anyone whilst you're trying it out, and you can always delete your experimental efforts until you hone your podcast format.

OK, you aren't going to have a show with professional intro's & outro's etc., but you can easily create some great audio content and distribute it to other runners who will be glad to hear what YOU are up to. In my experience, there is always someone out there who is interested to hear what you have to say - content wins out every time over quality to folks who share your passion.

I hope you take some time out to check out Posterous (...which of course is free!), and let me know about your Posterous podcasts.


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